Monday, October 15, 2007

message to the viewer

so..... my first adventure in blogland
the images actually should read from the oldest (i make patterns)
to the one that appears first (is it real?)
maybe pretend it's hebrew?

how can you tell- when do you ever know- what does it even mean- is it real?

34 months (may 2005- pacific switchboard)

this window covering was originally done in a workshop with patricia wheeler.... it has been edited and augmented in a handful of moves since then
the lady with the torch (also seen in a view from "altar ego"
came from a design magazine - i believe she is an italian architect
here she has been enlarged and transfered onto silk

the jars of pulp

so the last 3 images and this one are from an installation entitled "altar ego" which i made in the fall of 2005- immediately post Hurricane Katrina and heavily influenced by images of random articles swept into conjunction
i already saw the world this way in my crowded brain
that seems to hold onto everything
"altar ego" happened in a 500 square foot garage that had been the headquarters for PacificSwitchboard
a collective gallery
we thought the building was going to be torn down when we vacated
so i built this intending it to be crushed
when plans changed
i invited the public to help destroy and remove my work
this was a blast!
some remains got saved

"miss lazy bones"